Coated Wire

Mainly including PVC/PE coated wire, inside 
it is black iron wire, galvanized iron wire,  or stainless steel wire, copper wire, stainless steel wire or copper wire, etc.
Size: inside diameter 0.5mm-4mm; outside diameter 1.0mm-5.0mm.
Application: animal breeding, forest protecting, garden fences and sports field.
Characteristics: Corrosion-resisting, anti-aging and long service life

PVC Coated WirePVC Coated WirePVC Coated WirePVC Coated Wire
Core wire diameter Diameter after coated
0.8mm 1.2mm
1.0mm 1.4mm
1.4mm 2.0mm
2.0mm 3.0mm
2.5mm 3.5mm
1. lined with P.V.C strips and wrapped with PVC or hessian cloth 
2. small coils of 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, and so on 
3.Color: RAL 6005, 6009 etc.
4.Diameters: many others available as per buyers' request.

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